Awesome Accessories Kits for Wood Fired Alfa Pizza Ovens

This week I got the latest Pizza maker’s kit, Bread maker’s kit, Baker’s kit and Roaster’s kit  from Here’s the unboxing video I made with my daughter Laura. I can’t wait to try them all out as I make my recipes. You will find all my recipes for wood fired oven here

Il Kit Pizzaiolo

The Pizza maker’s kit is essential both for aspiring and expert bakers. It includes: a long wood-handled pizza peel for placing the pizza in the oven, a blade peel to take the pizza out of the oven, a fire poker for moving charcoal aside and prepping the hearth, a brass wire brush for cleaning the oven, a beech-wood peel where to prepare pizza, a box where to place pizza dough to rise away from drafts, an infrared laser thermometer for accurate temperature control of all parts of the oven, a pizza cutter, a dough cutter, a fir cutting board for cutting pizza into equal parts, heat proof oven mitts and the AlfaPizza cookbook with lots of recipes for wood fired ovens.
Here’s the unboxing

Kit Panettiere (Bread Maker’s Kit)

The Bread maker’s kit includes a wooden peel, a pastry board, a wooden dough rising box, a cotton cloth for covering the dough while rising, a dough cutter, a wooden cutting board, a heat proof oven mitt and the AlfaPizza cookbook.

Il Kit Pasticcere (Baker’s Kit)

The baker’s kit includes all the essential tools you need to make cakes and sweets at home and bake them in an AlfaPizza oven. You will find the complete description here.

Here’s the unboxing:

Il Kit Rosticcere (Roaster’s kit)

AlfaPizza wood fired ovens can be used to barbeque meat thanks to the “roaster’s kit”. This kit includes a set of accessories to handle the meat. A steel grill with rounded edges for grilling, a soapstone slab for cooking meat or fish, an AlfaPizza apron,  a heat proof mitt, a baking pan, a fire poker for moving the charcoal to the desired part of the oven.


You will find all info on these great kits on the site.
Til the next video recipe…




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