American Flours

Because I live in the USA, California specifically, some of my friends here have asked what flour i use for my recipes.

In contrast to Italy, the flour here is not categorized as  0 o 00, that in Italy indicates the flour’s level of thickness. I believe that the flour here in the states is type 0.

American Flour

These are the different types of flour found in USA



  • If you cannot find the high gluten flour, you may use Bread Flour and add 2-3% of pure gluten which can be found at your local supermarket.

You can also find several different types of integral flour, but I do not have much experience with their use.

I rarely any pastry flour. I use all purpose flour for Genoese Focaccia,I use brands that are found at my local supermarket such as Gold Medal or Arthur King, I also often use the Costco brand sold in bags of 20kg.

I also use the same brands of bread flour for almost all types of bread.

When I need to use Manitoba I use the Sir Lancelot from Arthur King flour that can only be found online. I also have been recently having success when adding 2-3% of pure gluten to bread flour

If I need type 00 of flour, which I sometimes use for pizza, I use Caputo 00 Pizzeria from Whole Food.

For more  information on flour, I recommend this well-written article by Michele Castellano.


In terms of yeast, I always use the Fleischmann’s (Active Dry Yeast, Since I have moved to the USA, I have been searching for fresh yeast which can sometimes be found in the milk and eggs section of supermarkets. Then I got used to using dry yeast and realized it gave more consistant results. In contrast to the fresh yeast, the dry yeast’s maintenance is not affected by its environmental conditions. Its only difference is the amount of use.Because of the dry yeast doesn’t contain water you have to use 1/3 of the amount of the fresh yeast. 



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  • Marco Palazzo

    Vittorio, grazie mille sei un mito! vivo anche io in California da 10 anni. Ho scorperto il tuo sito da un paio di mesi e sei diventato il mio eroe!! ciao Marco

    • vivalafocaccia

      Grazie Marco!!!

  • Fra

    Anche io vivo negli USA, Maryland. La farina utilizzata qui in USA, anche la All Purpose flour si avvicini piu’ alla nostra 00. La farina 0 come la nostra italiana semplicemente non si trova qui. Lo so bene perche’ io sono di origini romagnole e la piadina richiede farina 0 e qui in USA le ho provate tutte le farine e ogni farina provata e’ risultata deludente. Anche mia madre, venuta in visita, e’ rimasta alcuanto schifata dalla farina Americana 🙁