Recipe for Hand-kneaded Genoese focaccia

The most popular recipe in this blog is the one for the original Genoese focaccia, which you can find here. Many readers have successfully made focaccia following this recipe and they have shared pictures of their masterpieces here. Why don’t you do it too?!

This week I’m on holiday in Hawaii and I found out through Facebook that a former colleague of mine is also here on holiday with the family. So I invited them over for dinner and I had to improvise pizzas and focaccias in an unfamiliar kitchen.

The oven of the house I rented is static and very similar to mine, but I have no mixer and, since many have asked me how you go about kneading by hand, I thought I would demonstrate the technique..

Pardon the poor quality of the video, but I didn’t have my equipment and the tripod, so I had to make do with my iPhone.

Here’s the video:

Video Recipe for Genoese Focaccia and Hand Kneaded Pizza

The purpose of this recipe is to show the technique for hand-kneading; for detailed  ingredients and leavening times of the Genoese focaccia, click here. For Grandma Laura’s Pizza “al taglio” click here.


Well, the result was pretty good. I underestimated the heat and used too much yeast. So I let the pizzas rise in the fridge to slow down leavening and baked the focaccias shortly before the guests arrived.

Here’s the final resultAir pocketsThis is the view that was the backdrop to my baking efforts and the sunset which kept us company during dinner.

The pizzas were pretty good, albeit a little thick.

After tomorrow we’re going home and I will put the finishing touches to the Croissants recipe video.




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