Cooking Pizza in a Brick Oven

I have just recently recieved my new brick oven , the 4 Pizze from which you can see in this other video where I will teach you how to install it

It is time to put it to good use and make some delicious pizza!! .You can find my recipe for an authentic Napolitan pizza by clicking here.

As I have said in the making of the dough, the secret to making a delicious pizza made during long rising periods with little yeast is to have an oven that can reach very high temperatures, ideally around 800 f (400c). It is clearly ideal to have a brick oven, which in this video I will show you how to turn it on, bring it to the ideal temperature and how to cook the pizza at around 750 F  in the brick oven. If you don’t have a brick oven, click here for tips when cooking  pizza in your home oven.

Pizza Video Recipe

Till the next recipe,

– Vittorio

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